A complete guide to using telegram

how to use telegram for beginners

Voice calls are also supported for when texting just won’t cut it. You can opt to erase any payment or shipping information sent in all of your discussions from the Settings menu. In case you forget, the app includes an option to delete your account and any related data if you haven’t used it in more than six months. If it’s public, any Telegram user can search for it by name; if it’s private, you’ll be given a link that you can sent to people who you want to invite. Immediately after you do this, Telegram will send your phone an SMS text message containing a code for number verification. If you don’t enter the verification code within three minutes, Telegram will call your phone.

Using Groups and Channels

Dark mode has rightfully become one of the most used and asked-for features out there, and it’s hardly a surprise that Telegram, too, gives us the option. Similar to the mobile variant, you can add a new contact through the web client. Simply click on the ‘New Contact’ link at the bottom of the screen to do so.

  1. Create groups with hundreds of thousands of members, share files, send self-erasing messages, and enjoy end-to-end encryption for all communication save group voice chats.
  2. Additionally, you could tap on the add button at the bottom left corner of the screen to add a new contact and start messaging right away.
  3. It’s a UWP app which means it supports Windows 10 native features, including live tile and push notifications.
  4. Open either the App Store or Google Play and search for Telegram.

How to use Telegram on your PC

Both the sender’s and receiver’s phones will be cleared of the message. There are many other features like changing the theme of your chat that you can learn from here. This article covers the basics of the telegram, for a new user. Like WhatsApp, Telegram lets you make voice and video calls. Go to the “hamburger”  menu on the top left, tap Contacts and select someone from your contact list. If you instead want to get started on PC without using a mobile app, choose to log in using your phone number from the setup screen.

Start a Telegram one-on-one chat

If they do want to find your account, they would need to search for you by your username instead. However, to date, no one has figured out how to break Telegram’s encryption. The number of members of a group on Telegram is limited to 5000. The number of potential channel members is unlimited so it depends on you how large your audience will be. New members who join your channel can see the entire message history. So here is a guide to using Telegram right from the set up process.

A complete guide to using telegram

You can add a link to your private channel and it will become public. After swiping through the welcome screen, you’ll be prompted to enter https://cryptolisting.org/ your phone number. Telegram will immediately send you a text message with a four digit code to verify that it’s your real number.

Signal is another top free messaging app that works across most major platforms. You can share GIFs, videos, photos within the app, and groups can have up to 150 members. Texts and voice calls are standard, as are video calls; this puts it slightly ahead of Telegram for many people who can’t give up seeing who they’re talking to. Strong encryption keeps your data safe, and just like Telegram, you can swap back and forth from PC to phone without losing a beat.

how to use telegram for beginners

They can also host mass voice group chats, akin to Clubhouse. In addition to massive voice chats, channels can also be used for live streams with unlimited viewers. To create a channel, Go to Menu and Choose ‘New Channel’ Now choose, if your channel will be public or private. Public channels have usernames and they can be found in Telegram search or by t.me/link published anywhere. With a private channel, users can be added by an admin only.

Go to your Telegram inbox, open a conversation, and tap on the vertical ellipsis button at the top-right corner of your screen. Now, tap on ‘Call’ to place an audio call and ‘Video Call’ to start a video call, respectively. Your phone screenshot functionality will be disabled during Secret Chats, and messages send during Secret Chats cannot be forwarded to other users. You also can’t access a Secret Chat on a device different from the one you started it on. Unfortunately, you can’t just type in a phone number and start messaging. You’ll need to grant Telegram permission to access your contacts before you can message anyone.

Telegram has the ability to set up Secret Chats with your friends. You’d better write down that password, because if you forget it, you’ll be limited to using Telegram on only one device. You can pass on both these options, but Telegram will be a lot more useful if you don’t.

For us at Dignited, Telegram is the major communication tool among team members. Have you used Telegram before, do you currently use Telegram, share with us your experience. To start a regular chat, select a friend who has a Telegram account to start a new chat. Similar to all other traditional texting apps, there’s a text field at the bottom of the screen that’s used to type messages. Since group calling is not yet supported, you’ll need to rely on one-on-one calling for the time being.

Any message, from any time, can be “unsent” by either the sender or the recipient. The message will be deleted from both the sender’s and the receiver’s phone. If you haven’t already given Telegram permission to take pictures and record audio and video, now’s the time. Tap that contact, then tap the three vertical dots on the top of the resulting screen and select either Call or Video Call. Telegram itself doesn’t post lists of public Telegram channels, but you can use Google to find some.

Now, tap on the little pencil icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. This is your ‘New Message’ button, which is used to kick-off a new individual conversation or a group. Once you tap on the button, you’ll see the list of your contacts that are on Telegram. Channels – which can be public or private – can broadcast text, photos, videos, files and podcasts.

It is an ad-free service that delivers industry-leading security. It doesn’t hide its source code unlike most other internet messengers out there. The desktop Signal app will install and launch automatically, and it will display a QR code that you must scan using the Signal app on your phone. An “anonymous forwarding” option makes sure, when enabled, that only your name is displayed if anyone forwards your messages. Select the right search result, and you’ll be shown a preview of the latest posts to that channel. If it looks appealing to you, tap “Join” at the bottom of the screen.

Here, you’ll see a call button at the upper-left portion of your screen. The desktop application allows you to create the ‘Saved Messages’ thread as well as exchange files when you feel like it. To create the thread, first, launch the Telegram desktop application and how many stocks should you own click on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner of the window. When the panel expands, click on the ‘Saved Message’ icon at the top-right corner of the panel. Irrespective of whether you’re on Android or iOS, first, launch the Telegram app and go to your inbox.

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